Black Clover Episode 159 – All You Need to Know

Black Clover Ep 159

Finally, Black Clover fans have a reason to celebrate the New Year! Episode 159 is out! The title for the new episode is “Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows.” Episode 159 belongs to the most-awaited Spade Kingdom Arc. As fans, we had to wait for a long time, but it is definitely worth the wait.

Remember, we talked about the Spade Kingdom Arc. The first episode of the arc features a time skip and the knights’ transformation after this fan-stunning time skip. You might be wondering about the Asta appearance. He was looking amazing in the previous episode. In the episode in focus, namely Episode 159, we as fans are looking forward to seeing more of Asta and his powers.

Leaks delight the over-enthusiastic fans like me but irritate the show’s creators. Sometimes, the creators of the show themselves organize the leak to popularise the episode. Whatever be the case, Episode 158 was leaked due to a delay in its premiere. However, the makers of the show promised its fans not to repeat the leak. The anime series Black Clover has already completed its filler arc. Now, the fans are excited to see the upcoming set of Black Clover episodes:

Black Clover Episode 159 Release Date, Plot, and Preview Details

The anime had a late episode release last time. This made the fans angry, and the leak organizers go crazy. But your favorite show is finally on track. Fans can rest assured that the popular anime won’t see any delays soon. You will witness the anime to air on OTT screens from next week. Let’s come straight to the specifics. Episode 159 of the Black Clover anime will release on January 12, 2021 (Tuesday).

Now, the next question arises, where to watch Black Clover Episode 159? We have answers to this question as well. Stay Home, sit back, and watch your favorite show on Crunchyroll and other streaming platforms.

Black Clover Episode 159 Spoilers
Black Clover featuring Asta

As we said earlier, the previous Black Clover was delayed by the organizers and saw leak stories coming to the fore. However, the present Episode 159 will be completely different. It will comprise a lot of things to show it’s fans. We have seen the preview of Episode 159 already. Don’t worry; we will reveal all its secrets here. The preview showcases Asta, Gaja, and Noelle. All these characters have grown immensely during the half-year time skip.

What more the preview reveals to its fans? It shows an unknown character outside the forest. It sounds like a scene straight from a mystery novel, right? Stay tuned with us. We have more details to share.
But one thing is for sure. The next Black Clover episode is all set to reveal several other mysteries!

I like curious fans. They are passionate about the script and watch each episode in great detail. Is it bad to show love towards the anime you want? Absolutely not. I will reveal some more information about Episode 159 only for those curious fans.

The latest episode from the popular anime is adopting its plot from Chapter 232 of the manga. There are more details to read, further information to share. Remember the three characters: Noelle, Lelopechla, and Mimosa? This trio will spend some time together after an extended mission.

More action is to follow Episode 159 of the popular anime show. Asta will visit the forests of the Heart Kingdom in his quest to see Charmy. An awestruck reaction of Asta is in store for all of us. We will see him getting overwhelmed by the new transformation of Charmy.

Black Clover Previous Episode Recap

Black Clover Episode 159 Show
Black Clover Show

The previous episode of the anime will help you decode the upcoming scenes you are going to witness in Episode 159. We saw Loropechika revealing that Spade Kingdom’s army will swiftly arrive at their kingdom’s borders.

More characters revealed their treasured info as well. Gadjah exposes that the Spade Kingdom has taken over the Diamond Kingdom in the past six months. Their present action includes pushing towards the Heat and Clover Kingdom.

Let’s see how the story unfolds for Episode 159!

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