Black Clover Chapter 271 to be an intense chapter, Rumors Suggests

Black Clover Chapter 271

With the war against the Spade Kingdom just a few days away, Black Clover Chapter 271 will be a must-read chapter. So much has happened in Black Clover Chapter 270, which has honestly made some fans shed a tear or two. We can expect all the members of the Black Bull to make a massive leap for the upcoming battle, as all of them are now training at different places. Black Clover by Tabata Yuuki has been one of the more successful Manga Series in recent times and is one of the more known Anime Series overseas. In this chapter, we’ll be looking at Black Clover Chapter 271 Release Date and Spoilers, so read at your risk of coming across spoilers.

Black Clover Chapter 271 | Release Date

The new chapter of the Manga Series “Black Clover” will be released on the 9th Of November 2020, which is a Monday. For those of you who still haven’t picked up on Black Clover, should definitely give it a try as it honestly is exceptionally entertaining. You can check out the manga at The Official App for Shonen Jump by Viz Media or the Crunchyroll Manga App. It has taken a while, but now Asta has finally mastered the power of the Devil within him.

Black Clover Chapter 271 | Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 270 ended with Asta successfully making a contract with the Devil, Liebe. In classic Asta fashion, he made a contract of equal terms instead of making Liebe his servant. The chapter ended with the Vice Captain of Black Bulls showing off his full power by fusing with a Devil. Asta and his newfound partner Liebe are going to need to combine forces to fight the Vice-Captain if they want to get stronger.

Black Clover Chapter 271

In Chapter 271, the Vice-Captain keeps throwing a flurry of attacks at Asta, who is able to dodge them barely. However, since now Liebe and Asta are bound by a contract, Liebe can give Asta more of his powers, boosting his anti-mag magic abilities. Although Asta has more power, all means nothing if Asta can’t fuse with Liebe and evolve his abilities to a whole new level. The Spade Kingdom is no joke, and after the way the Clover Kingdom had taken a hit last time, it was clear they need to get stronger.

While Asta and the Vice-Captain are duking it out, we also notice certain things about the Vice-Captain. Every time Asta repeats the Captain’s catchphrase, the Vice-Captain always shows a hint of annoyance and makes the readers assume that the relationship between the two is pretty rocky. Asta successfully infuses his newfound powers into one of his Swords and creates a much stronger sword. He calls it the Demon Slayer Katana.

Next chapter, we could also be seeing a more in-depth chapter about the Vice Captain and the Captain of Black Bull. We might even get answers about the reason why the Vice-Captain has a contract with a total of 4 different Devils.

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