Berserk Chapter 363 – Release Date And Predictions

Berserk Chapter 363

A story spanning for three decades, Berserk Chapter 363 will finally answer some of the series’ biggest questions. Guts’ journey seemed to have come to an end, but many questions of the show have been left unanswered. In this article, we’ll be looking at the Release Date of Berserk Chapter 363 along with the Predictions for the upcoming chapter.

Despite the lack of success the Anime Adaptation of Berserk had, there is no doubt that The Manga Series “Berserk” has already been solidified as one of the greatest stories written.

Berserk Chapter 362 | Recap

After Guts and the Skull Knight, accompanied by Gedfryn, head to the dwarf named Hanarr, the creator of the Berserker Armour, we see an unexpected development. Hanarr tells Guts that just because you’ve gotten some use out of the armor doesn’t mean you have mastered it. Hanarr strikes the armor with a hammer, triggering it, and now Guts begins losing control. When asked why he’s doing it, Hanarr replies by saying he wants to show the deeply embedded memory of the previous user of the Berserker Armour.

In his completely uncontrolled state, Guts lunges at Hanarr, who uses some special chains to restrain Guts, but that’s only for the moment. In his vision, Guts sees the previous user of the Berserker Armour, holding a wounded woman who passed away in his hands. Seeing these Guys comes to a complete stop despite being in Berserker mode, and that’s when 

Schierke jumps onto Guts and starts removing the helmet. Once Guts is released from the Berserker Armour’s control, he thanks Schierke and then looks at the Skull Knight.

Berserk Chapter 363
The Skull Knight Was The Previous User Of The Berserker Armour.

It’s very obvious that the previous user of the iconic Berserker Armour was none other than the Skull Knight himself. That also explains why the Skull Knight knew so much about it, along with all the times he had advised Guts. The chapter concludes with Guts claiming that he has seen the end, but the Skull Knight corrects him by saying that it was the end of a foolish king and the beginning of the Dead Man Stalking The Endless Knights.

Berserk Chapter 363 | Release Date And Discussion

One of the biggest qualms that most Berserk fans have is the gap between the release of each chapter. The Manga Series “Berserk” is serialized in the bi-monthly manga magazine “Young Animal.” So it’s safe to assume that we’ll be seeing the new chapter be released by December of 2020 at the earliest. However, sometimes the author doesn’t release the manga on time, and we could quite be left waiting for the new chapter all the way till January of 2021.

With the new information that we were provided, we will probably get a complete backstory of the Skull Knight’s rise and fall. Judging from Guts’ vision, we will probably be able to draw a lot of parallels between the past of the Skull Knight and Guts. Since the main objective of healing Casca has been achieved by Guts, many fans wonder what’s next in store for Guts.