Avita Liber 14 Laptop Comes With Latest Intel Processor

 Avita Liber V1 Specification and Features
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American based laptop manufacturing company Avita has announced about the specification details about their upcoming laptop  Liber V14. The company claims that they are introducing this laptop during the festival season in the south Asian countries so that it gets more attention from the users. Avita claims that the laptop features an Intel Core i7 10th Gen processor which gets coupled with the 16GB of RAM. Based on the RAM specification of the laptop, it looks like the device can process high bandwidth of information within a short period of time. The device comes with a 14-inch full-HD IPS display, which makes the laptop more suitable for office purposes. Anti-glare technology which is coupled with the display screen makes the display brighter even under the bright sunlight. The device has a minimal bezel that is placed around the sides of the display screen which makes the laptop feel light while using.

 Avita Liber V14 Specifications

Liber V14 gets a navy blue finish along with that it gets golden accents at the edges. The laptop runs on Windows 10 Home, which is the default operating system. Users are provided with an option to opt for some other operating system. As discussed already the device comes with a 14-inch full-HD display screen which has the ability to process videos with 1,920×1,080 pixel resolution. The device gets coupled with the latest generation of the Intel processor which makes the device more powerful for everyday tasks. As an internal data storage, the device comes with the 1TB of SSD storage. The motherboard of the device gets an Intel Integrated UHD graphic card along with the Intel processor. By adding a graphic card as a default option reduced the time consumed by users looking g for a compactable graphics hardware option.

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 Avita Liber V14 Features

Avita Liber V14 comes with a 1-megapixel web camera that is placed above the display screen. The manufacturing company claimed that the device charge lasts for up to 10 hours on a single charge. This option is something that most of the laptop users are looking forward to. The smaller display provided with the laptop gets a 4,830mAh Li-ion battery inside which supplies sufficient power for a longer duration. Based on the information from the latest article, it’s clear that the device comes with the multiple port option which enables the user for connecting external devices. Liber V14 comes with the two USB slots which allow fast transfer of data. USB Type-C slot provided with the laptop can be connected for the latest smartphones which come with the USB-C option. HDMI port along with the one microSD card slot is also provided with the display makes the laptop.

The audio system of the laptop gets coupled with many options which makes it more powerful for listening to music. The device comes with the built-in dual speakers, these two speakers are provided on either side of the laptop for maximum output. On the first look of the device, it looks compact and easy to carry and measures 317.5×215.9×18.8mm. The device also gets the Wi-Fi for connecting to the wireless internet along with the Bluetooth option which enables the user in connecting with their wireless headsets.