Attack On Titan Season 4 – Release Date, New Trailer And Key Visuals

Hajime Ise's Manga Inspired Anime, Attack On Titan, Will Be Premiering It's Grand Final Season In 2020.

Attack On Titan Season 4

Attack On Titan Season 4, which has been expected to be the Grand Finale to one of the Greatest Anime of all time made some announcements. It has confirmed that it will be premiering in 2020 despite COVID-19. Due to many anime shows being delayed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic there has been a lingering fear that Attack On Titan Season 4 will also most likely be postponed. If you’re one of those people who are worried, then you needn’t anymore, especially after the newly released information.

The Official Twitter Account as well as the Official Website for the Anime have released a preview featuring some really cool visuals along with the second key visual for the anime. This is the first time we are seeing the new Animation after Studio MAPPA took over the series in place of Studio WIT and honestly, it didn’t disappoint. Although the anime has changed its Studio, the Cast will be reprising their roles for the 4th and final season of Attack On Titan.

Another interesting rumor that’s being thrown around is that Season 4 will also be split into two parts like Season 3. The first half will premiere in December of 2020 while the second half will be released later on in 2021. However, this is just speculation with no actual concrete source to back it up.

Attack on Titan Season 4 will according to NHK be premiering December 7th in Japan, on the national broadcaster NHK-G. Funimation has confirmed it will be simulcasting the episodes with subtitles for overseas viewers. Crunchyroll hasn’t been very clear and has just stated that Attack On Titan will be coming to its streaming services later this year.


A recap of all the previous three seasons will be done through an original Movie titled “Attack On Titan Chronicle”. The movie is set to premiere in November so viewers will be up to speed when the grand finale rolls around.

Attack On Titan – What’s going to happen?

The Anime series will be Directed by Yūichirō Hayashi at Studio WIT. The Series composition will be done by Hiroshi Seko and character designs for the final season will be taken care of by Kohta Yamamoto. The Anime  Season will be done under the close supervision of Hajime Ise just like all the previous ones.

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan Season 3 ended with Eren and the Survey Corps finally reaching the ocean and are finally free from the walls. Now only to realize the enemies are bigger and farther away than they realized. Leading to Eren’s big question, “if we kill everyone beyond the ocean we’ll be free?”. This is the final season of the anime and will be answering all the questions proposed over the course of the previous three seasons.

Hajime Ise’s manga series Attack On Titan was serialized in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Monthly Shōnen Magazine back in 2009. The Epic Tale of Eren and Company is about to come to an end with only a couple of chapters left in the Manga.

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