Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Delayed: When will it air?

A big fan of Eren? This episode is the Declaration of War!

Attack On Titan Cover Picture
Attack On Titan Season 4: Cover Picture

We have some critical news regarding season 4, episode 5 of Attack On Titans. The outstanding anime series instantly became famous after its release in April 2017, and all the anime fans must be really excited for the fifth episode! The production team confirmed the episode on New Year’s eve, but there is some hindrance. The pandemic is one major factor affecting the release date. The immense success of the anime franchise has already got the fans enthusiastic.

Attack On Titan is basically a fantasy (dark fantasy, to be exact) series where Titans and humans coexist. I must say, not in peace, but in terror, hidden behind the huge walls, terrified of the creatures. The adaptation is quite well because the manga provides an almost similar plotline. We all must be aware of Hajime Isayama, who is the writer of the manga series. The anime adaptation comes from those volumes.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 5
Attack On Titan Season 4: A Glimpse from episode 5

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Time for some recap. In episode 4, we see Falco’s and Kruger having a good time. They were bonding. As we all know, Kruger is a disabled soldier in the medical facility. To be exact about the character- Theo Magath meets the head of the Tybur family. Magath and Willy decide to work together for Marley. Before the grand festival, Willy meets all the representatives across the world. This is the fun part! He reveals he has a tough but permanent solution. Moreover, Reiner meets other military personals. Meanwhile, Gabi and Falco’s continuous effort to overthrow Reiner persists.

Attack on Titan reminds me of Crysis 3. It is one of the best gory games! Here, it is about a world where humans live inside cities surrounded by massive walls and boulders. The walls and boulders save them from substantial man-eating creatures called Titans. All the zombie fans also love this series, according to recent polls. Eren Yeager, whose mother was killed by a Titan, seeks revenge and vows to kill them all.

Attack on Titan has been published every month in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine since September 2009. It has thirty-two tankobon volumes as of September 2020. The anime version of Attack On Titan is produced by Wit Studio and MAPPA. That’s a little about Attack On Titans. Let’s talk about other facts.

Attack On Titan A scene fro the series
Attack On Titan Season 4: A scene cut from Episode 5

When can we expect the 5th Episode to release?

Fans deliberately expected the release of episode 5 on New Year’s eve, but that won’t be the case. How exciting it could have been! The initial release date was 3rd January but is postponed due to multiple reasons. After four years, we will finally see Reiner coming face to face with Eren. The beginning of a new war. A plus- we already have the trailer out. The trailer showed the episode title “Declaration of War.” During the Episode, Eren will make an announcement. Eren’s eyes glow green showing utmost enthusiasm. I know you guys can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

Episode 5 of Attack on Titan season 4 will be a sure banger. I know you guys are waiting for the revised release date. The official Twitter account shared the latest date of release and the visual featuring Eren. Episode 5 is postponed almost a week, so here some quick math. Yup, episode 5 will release on 10th January 2021. Thank me later. How many of you are excited?

For now, we know episode 5 of Attack On Titan season 4 will be back in January 2021. The production was initially troubled by Covid-19 and holidays. Also, the anime is produced by the very talented Kodansha USA. How many of you just can’t wait to watch it? Keep yourself updated; follow up with our page to know more exciting details.

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