Attack On Titan Producers Explain The Reason Behind The Studio Change

Attack On Titan Season 4

Alright Attack On Titan fans as you know Attack On Titan Season 4 is right around the corner and is expected to be the Grand Finale of this Epic Anime Series. If you don’t know already, unlike Seasons 1-3, Season 4 will be handled by Studio MAPPA instead of Studio WIT. Until now we had no clue as to why Studio WIT wasn’t continuing to handle the Anime, after being able to do it so successfully for the previous three seasons. The Producers of “Attack On Titan” have explained what had led up to this decision to switch Studios, this was printed in the Newtype’s November 2020 issue.

About The Interview

The three Producers Kensuke Tateishi, Toshihiro Maeda, and Tetsuya Kinoshita gave their responses about the Decision. According to them, even when Season 3 of Attack On Titan was in production they had already begun discussions with Studio WIT about a Studio change. Part of the decision apparently stemmed from the ending of Season 3 where Eren and the Survey Corps were gazing into the Ocean, signifying the turning point in the story. After multiple talks with Studio WIT, they had come to an understanding that it will be difficult to continue the Series there. Hence, these three began looking for a new Studio that could take up the task of delivering the 4th Season.

Many Studios had respectfully declined because they realised that these were big shoes to fill and just simply couldn’t take up the offer to do so not only because the task was difficult but also because it was hard to fit it into their schedules. The only Studio that was willing to consider it was Studio MAPPA, and apparently Studio WIT had said that they could rest assured if the 4th Season was being handled by a legendary Studio such as MAPPA.

About The Anime | Attack On Titan Season 4

Attack On Titan Season 4 is being handled by Studio MAPPA and will be Directed by Yūichirō Hayashi. The Script for the anime series will be written by Hiroshi Seko and the Character Designs will be taken care of by Tomohiro Kishi. Although there has been a change in the Staff Members involved in the making of the anime, the Cast will be reprising their roles for the 4the Season.


The 4th Season of Attack On Titan will begin airing from the 7th of December in Japan and Funimation will be simulcasting it on its Streaming Services. The First Season of Attack On Titan premiered in 2013 and the Second Season aired in 2017 followed by Season 3 which was split in two parts, one of which aired in 2018 and the other half aired in 2019.

About the Manga | Attack On Titan

Written and Illustrated by Hajime Ise, Attack On Titan is a Japanese Manga Series that was serialized in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Monthly Shōnen Magazine back in 2009. With a total of 32 volumes released so far consisting of over 130 chapters. The Manga is very close to its conclusion with apparently only a couple more chapters left.

Source via Newtype November 2020 Issue