Artists And Fans Congratulate BTS As They Top The Billboard 100 Charts On Jungkook’s Birthday.

BTS poster

It’s no new news that BTS has been topping charts and gathering fans like its nothing. However, the boy band was still left to acquire one position, the Billboard’s No.1. But, BTS has successfully achieved that spot as well. YAYY! On 1st September, Billboard released its list of Top 100, and BTS was crowned at the No.1 place. Moreover, it was also, Jungkook’s (Group member) b’ day on September, 1st which made the band happier.

BTS is a South Korean boy band, that debuted back in 2013. Even though they were criticized for being from a lesser-known company, the boys have proved themselves over the years. They have the most number of fans (BTS Army) according to the reports. They are also compared with the Beatles for creating loyal fanbases and breaking records frequently.

The band recently released its first-ever complete ‘English’ single, ‘Dynamite’ which got the charts shaking. ‘Dynamite’ MV has already crossed 270+ million views on Youtube in just 10 days and counting. It is also now at the no. 1 spot at Billboard Top 100 charts.



Congratulations In Order For BTS

The fans are already going crazy with the news. However, fellow artists from the music industry also congratulated BTS on their big win. Jonas Brother and The Weeknd posted on Twitter and congratulated the boys as well.

Jonas Brother tweeted and wrote, ‘Welcome to the club boys πŸ₯³πŸ˜Ž @bts_twt’. Meanwhile, The Weeknd congratulated teh band and wrote, ‘really cool. this is so big for Asian artists. huge congratulations to @bts_bighit’. So, go ahead and check out their tweets down below:

Jungkook’s Birthday And The Big Win

Obviously the band was super happy after the news, but, it was doubled as it was their Maknae’s (youngest) b’ day as well. The talented artist turned 23 on Tuesday, September 1st and he celebrated his bday with his band members. They also celebrated their win along with Jungkook’s bday on their V-live. Moreover, they didn’t forget their fans, their Army, and thanked them for their love and support.

The BTS army flooded all social media platforms with their wishes for the golden Maknae. Plus, they were drooling over his cute appearance on V-live where he wore a velvety sweatshirt and did his hair in a ponytail. As the day ended, Jungkook even penned down a beautiful message for all his fans and thanked them for making his b’ day special.

BTS V-live

BTS consists of seven members, Namjoon (RM), Jin, Suga (Yoongi), J-Hope (Hoseok), Jimin, V (Taehyung), and Jungkook. The band is known for writing songs on critical topics like Self-love, hate, and depression which are highly praised by the fans.