Arifureta Chapter 47 Latest Predictions and Spoilers Leaked

Arifureta Chapter 47

After the release of chapter 46 of the Manga Adaptation of the Light Novel Series, Arifureta, recently, many fans are left with a mix of feelings about Arifureta Chapter 47. Between the long awaited reunion of Hajime and Shirasaki, along with the current quest of Hajime, many fans are wondering what is going to happen. This is especially frustrating as the manga is updated every month and only digitally, making the wait for each new chapter quite the pain. In this article, we’ll be looking at the Release Date of Arifureta Chapter 47, along with any other related information about the Manga.

What Is Arifureta About?

Arifureta is an Isekai genre of Light Novel Series, which has received both an Anime Adaptation along with a Manga Adaptation. However, it begins in the most cliched manner, with the protagonist being transported to a new world and is given the short end of the stick. The story takes a dark and gruesome turn quite quickly, making the fans really attached to the protagonist, Hajime Nagumo, who is a Synergist in the new world.

Arifureta Chapter 47

During one of the quests, Hajime, with his classmates that were also transported with him, fell into a labyrinth. Unable to get out, Hajime had to do anything to survive, and the fact that he lost his arm during the fall didn’t help him. Now he has to do anything to survive, and his main objective is to return to his own world.

What Has All Transpired In Arifureta Chapter 46?

With Hajime’s flashy entrance to interrupt the fight against the Demon, and in classic Hajime fashion, he dominates the battle. The Hero alerts him about the petrification magic that was about to be cast on Hajime, and he then begins to take down the Demon quickly. Hajime then interrogates the Demon and asks her what the objective was; Demon refuses to answer and is shot on both legs by Hajime, who clearly wasn’t messing around. He then proceeds to solve the mystery by himself and figures out that God Magic was involved. As Hajime was about to kill the Demon, the Hero tells him not to kill a defenseless Demon and that they should capture her for more information, but Hajime refuses and kills the Demon.

The killing of the Demon was barely the highlight of the Chapter, as we were finally going to witness the long-awaited reunion of Shirasaki and Hajime. We could clearly see that Shirasaki still missed Hajime and was extremely happy that he didn’t die; we could also see that Hajime was also happy to meet with Shirasaki. Many readers loved the way the reunion was handled in the manga.

When Will Arifureta Chapter 47 Be Releasing?

The Arifureta Manga is updated on the first Friday of every month, and thus it will be updated on the 4th of December 2020. As for spoilers or leaks, there aren’t any as the manga is released digitally, and thus the fans have to wait patiently. The readers could always check out the source material, which is the Light Novel, and find out what happened, but other than that, there isn’t much one can do.