Apple May Enter Search Engine Industry

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Apple is planning to launch its own search engine to enlarge its business in the internet field. The company started producing hardware products initially, later developed operating systems for their mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. The company has not shown much interest in internet businesses in their past except Apple store for downloading mobile applications. It’s leaked that the company is working on developing their platforms in the search engine business. At present, Google has been proving his dominance in the field of search engines. Every individual uses a search engine feature in their daily routine. This engine runs on several analytical algorithms and produces the best results using optimization.

Based on the latest information,  California-based company, Cupertino is expected to be working on its own search engine. The company is looking for many AI experts and search engineers who can speed up their process towards the goal. Its also rumored that their upcoming version of the operating system will use their own search engine as default. It’s noted that Apple developed its browser. Safari before many years, which uses the google search engine for its internal processing. It’s just the medium to act as the interface between the user and the internet. Apple search engine will be made available in iOS 14 beta and iPadOS 14 beta. As we know earlier, Google has been paying Apple to maintain its search engine as a default version in all its products while using Safari. This feature will exist in the Apple Safari browser until the users prefer to use a different search engine other than Google by using Yahoo, Bing, or Duckduckgo.

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UK Competition and Markets Authority have also expressed that this deal is anti-competitive in the digital industry. While getting approval from the regulatory bodies, they might force Apple to remove Google as its default search engine. Instead of providing Google as their default search engine, it might allow the users to select their own search engine as per their wish to carry forward their search operations. Recently, Apple has reached the milestone of becoming a $2 trillion company; it has kick-started many of its future products in the last couple of months.  Apple is actively looking for fresh talent in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to take their business to another dimension.

The residency program, which was recently started by the company, is aiming to engage more experts in this field to solve users’ problems in the future. The innovative solutions to various other problems increased the need for domain experts to predict the machine learning technique. The nature of the search result produced by the search engine will be based on the user’s personal email, mobile text messages, Google maps, events that are stored in the remainder,  notes, photos from their internal gallery, and third-party apps. Its also said that users could feel the ad-free search result along with data protection. Data privacy is one of the most valued features that every individual who is using the internet of looking for.

Apple is known for updating its software products regularly. Applebot has been updated recently, which basically checks the web pages and confirms the originality of the information along with the few other features like traffic. If Apple comes up with its search engine, we can expect more data protection than any other internet company because Apple is known for protecting users’ data. The new search engine will have many similar functionalities like Google Assitance, where the users can get information without any intervention of the ads.