Apex Legend Season 7 Reveals New Features and Updates

Apex Legend Season 7
Apex Legend Season 7 Still

Apex legend is all set to release its next upcoming season. The shooting game, which got launched last year, has received a positive response within a short time and estimated that more than a million active players are playing the shooting game worldwide. To engage the gamers, the game development company has been providing many new updates and additional features for the hardcore games with their regular update.

The game manufacturing company has released many new seasons, which consisted of many graphical animation contents. As of now, the development team has launched six seasons of the game, which received a great response from the gamers. The seventh season of the game underwent heavy criticism, which happened through their community portal. Soon after that, the game development crew members have responded by reducing the XP needed for each star to 10,000 to 5,000. It’s said that the team members have carried forward some of the important changes by reducing the time.

Apex Legend Season 7: What we know so far?

The new progression system has created disbelief among the hardcore players, mainly due to the restriction which has been imposed to use new features. This season of the shooting game has introduced some of the new characters, which enhanced the gamers’ shooting experience. Newly developed Horizon has been included in the update, which makes it look unique from the previous seasons. Along with these additions, the shooting game also gets a brand new map. The game developers have been continuously working on developing new maps in every season update.

This map gives a clear idea for gamers about their mobility during the course of the game. It was speculated that the map looks quite small, which restricts the user from having a clear image of their surrounding; later, it was accepted by the community members. Hovercars allow the squad to roll-up into a third party. The characters provide more fun and give more space for the gamers to experience a decent team effort during the playtime.

Apex Legend Season 7
Apex Legend Season 7 Image

Respawn has made an official announcement that season 7 will be made available around the world on the same day, unlike their previous seasons. This strategic move might create some server error while trying to update the game through the gaming hardcore devices. The crew members have announced that the game will be made available in the leading gaming console hardware device, Nintendo Switch. Olympus map is the key highlighting point that is included in the season 7 update. The top-down focus shows an image of the clouds and provides more areas for exploring during the gameplay.

Prior to the map doesn’t come with multiple areas, whereas to address the new features, the development has included extensive places on the map. The aesthetically pleasing environment is provided with the Olympus map, making it unique from the previously available King’s Canyon and World’s Edge. Bangalore gets additional improvement, which looks far better from the season 6 update. Rolling Thunder is designed to explode in six, which prevents the other players from looting the resource from another player.