‘Antlers’ Has Been Delayed Again – New Premiere Date Revealed

Were you expecting the Antlers movie to be out by now? I have some bad news for you

new release date of Antlers

Today we will talk about the horror biggie Antlers and its delayed released date. The film was scheduled to be released on April 19th, 2020. The release date is reconsidered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was rescheduled for February 19th, 2021 but was again sabotaged. Recent speculation suggests the film Antler may release during the Summer of 2021. By June’s end and beginning of July, fans are expecting some goosebumps and jump scares. In July 2018, the press release speculated that Guillermo del Toro would produce the film.

Scott Cooper will direct Antlers along with Keri Russell. ‘Antlers’ was initially planned to be released in theatres on April 17th, 2020. The release date clashed with other biggies such as Trolls World Tour, Monster Problems, which discouraged the release. The Fox Searchlight film is still planned to release sometime in 2021. The date is not yet crystal clear.

Antlers delayed
Antlers Release Date Delayed Again

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The protagonist of the film is Julia, a young elementary school teacher. She develops an unnatural interest in Lucas’s students after he writes a terribly disturbing story for his assignment. Later on, she discovers he is keeping an out of the world creature in his home. Whilst uncovering the mysterious, she comes across many local legends. Antlers’ story is not original. It is adapted from Nick Antosca’s short story named “The Quiet Boy”. Those looking for spoilers can go and check the e-book. Recent sources confirm the monster that will be featured in this movie is a wendigo. Wendigo is an evil spirit from the folklore of First Nations Algonquin.

Antlers: Plotline Details And Updates

 The folklore is based on the people of the northern forests of Nova Scotia, the East Coast of Canada, and the Great Lakes region of Canada and The United States. The wendigo is a monster with certain human-like characteristics, more like a human possessed monster. Folk tales suggest such spirits are invoked by grievous crimes like insatiable greed and cannibalism. In the modern-day world, this is considered to be a disorder know as Wendigo psychosis. 

The film Antlers is co-written by and directed by Scott Cooper. The story originates in a small town in Oregon. The story is based on the book called “Quiet Boy”. As far as the book is concerned, the film is about a quiet boy, Lucas. One fine day Lucas submitted an assignment that was absurdly gory and disturbing. This made his teacher go and look into his whereabouts. The search leads to an unraveling of grave dark mysteries. The filming will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by the fourth quarter of 2018.

Antlers movie stills
A Screen Capture From The Movie Antlers

Antlers: Cast Details And Release Date Updates

Antlers stars Jesse Plemons, Amy Madigan, Jeremy T. Thomas, Graham Greene, Rory Cochrane, Scott Haze, and Keri Russell. Produced by Guillermo del Toro with association with David S, Goyer J, and Miles Dale. The movie is sure to get some head-turning, and it will surely leave a mark in the horror world. 

Fans are enthusiastically waiting and forgiving every deadline. Sources suggest that the film will be reluctantly released over digital media like Netflix or Amazon Prime if this pandemic goes on. The cast is very promising with all the talented actors.

Horror is there for years now, instilling fear into individuals. This film will surely make people SCREAM. It might make them feel like they are going to suffer a cardiac arrest. Sick fantasies of the wendigo, monsters, and beasts will come into play as, “This movie is designed to frighten and panic, cause dread and alarm, and to invoke our worst hidden fear, often terrifying with a shocking finale. It will captive us and entertain us at the same time in a cathartic experience.” The film Antler will surely turn some heads and snatch away some sleep. The monster born from pure cannibalism, wendigo, and they trap long-lost people and feast on their bones. People who resort to cannibalism will turn into a wendigo. That’s all we can expect from the film right now. Stay tuned for more updates.

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