Anime Streaming Restrictions – Delhi HC Make Major Move

Delhi High Court Bans Illegal Streaming Websites In India.

Anime shows banned in India
Anime Shows banned in India.

If you are someone who streams Anime for free through torrents and websites in India, I have some bad news for you. Anime is banned in India, well to be more precise the websites used for streaming of anime for free have been banned in India. This sudden Anime ban is a result of Disney Enterprises and Others filing a plea in the Delhi High Court stating that their creative work is being distributed without first obtaining the requisite licenses.

The case was between DISNEY ENTERPRISES & ORS vs KIMCARTOON.TO & ORS., and the whole dispute was over the illegal distribution of creative works over which the plaintiffs, Disney, and other companies incorporated in different parts of the United States Of America, have copyrights. The demand of the plaintiff was that they need to be protected from such illegal distribution.

The final decision favored the plaintiff and placed a ban on all third party distribution of any Movies, Anime, and T.V. Show without a license. This ban was effectively implemented and targeted 37 websites directly and remaining websites have also been listed to be filtered by Indian ISPs.

What Happened?

“Defendant nos. 1 to 37 are restrained from, in any manner, hosting, streamlining, reproducing, distributing, making available to the public and/or communicating to the public or facilitating the same on their websites through the internet in any manner whatsoever, any cinematograph work, content, program, and show in which the plaintiffs have copyright.”, according to the Delhi High Court.

This is from a statement released by the HC on Monday and the defendants in this quote refer to different illegal streaming websites that provide a lot of shows owned by Disney but also have certain websites that offer high-quality streaming of Anime and are constantly updated. Some of these websites include 9anime, kisscartoon, gogoanime, kissanime, 123movies, etc. which are very popular for getting the latest movies for free. The decision made in the end not only favored Disney but the decision is also dynamic in nature, this means that the defendants are free to track, target, and ban any new pirated domain after the 118 domains are banned.

Aside from the fact that free and easy access to Movies, T.V. Shows, and Anime is banned, another reason why this ban is not very well appreciated is that unlike the Movies and T.V. Shows which have an effective alternative. Anime streaming services aren’t that useful in India and in order to access a lot of the popular Anime, viewers are forced to resort to VPNs which are not only expensive but also slow down the internet speed.

Where Can Indians Access Anime Legally?

Anime Streaming Services In India.
Anime Streaming Services In India.

Well, Indians can access anime legally from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, etc. However, these streaming services have very little anime content available in the Indian region, with the exception of Netflix which still provides a decent quality of Anime content to stream. Although another method is to change the region you are accessing these services with the help of VPNs, which we have discussed as being expensive and slows down the internet but its the best way to go about it.

This injunction was issued on the 27th of July 2020 and the next hearing will be done on the 1st of September 2020. If you wanna read the Judgement passed by the Delhi High Court for yourself click here.