Android 11 Important Features

Andriod 11
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The invention of Android has revolutionized the scope of the mobile operating system. Before that, there were many operating systems that were built on the Java programming language. No other operating system seems to have compatibility like Android, which supported various third-party applications. Android 10, which was released last year has many advanced features, following that another updated version of the software was developed. Android 11 was developed with the same standards and features that were included in Android 10. Thus update gives an idea of how Google is updating itself. After analyzing the basic features Google launched the update to all their Pixel smartphones. Along with Pixel few other smartphone manufacturing companies have also released Android 11 Beta version update to their flagship smartphones.

Beta version has provided a quick fix for a few of the broken features that were seen in the Android 10. It comes with the easy mobility to choose application with the help of the power button which can be used to navigate other options. Other than these feature Chat bubble feature is introduced which enables the user to hide their ongoing chat using the movable bubble image. This new update is much similar to Facebook’s messenger feature that was made available earlier a few years back. Bubble API feature is made available for the current day messaging services so that they can include in their upcoming updates. This image can be moved throughout the screen and can be placed anywhere on the screen as per the wish. If you need to open those applications you don’t need to search and pick, a click can open you the main application so that you can continue your chatting. This feature will be more helpful while enjoying a video or playing games.

Android 11
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Accessibility has been improved with the Android 11 update. Earlier there were only three options which were available for the third-party Android application to use the system information like location, accessing contacts, enabling camera. The new feature that is introduced is “Allow Only While Using Application”, this restricts the application to control from accessing critical data related to the user. This feature will help users maintain their privacy. Screen recording has been introduced in Android 11, Most of the UI, developed by other smartphone manufacturing companies have already introduced this feature in their early update. MIUI was the first well-known user-interface that introduced this feature on their mobile phones. Screen recording provides users to record the operations that are carried out. Along with that it also records sound and touchpoints.

One of the notable advancements is that Android 11 will have the capacity to work on devices with various screen shapes. This feature is introduced after seeing that many foldable devices are introduced to the market. Some of the smartphones with foldable options that are introduced in the market recently are Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR. Connectivity is getting improved with the advancement of new technologies. Most of the developed countries have introduced the fifth-generation networking facility to the general public, there are even many smartphones which is getting launched to support 5G. There is a program that’s fitted in the update which automatically detects 5G connectivity and upgrades the highest possible video and graphics. The first version of the Android 11 was released in the month of February under the developer’s preview. After that many version of the package has been released as a part of testing and compatibility before releasing their stable version.