Amazon Enters Fitness Business With Fitness Band Mobile Application

Halo Image

Leading online shopping platform, Amazon has made its entry into the health and fitness world with Halo applications which is generally a subscription-based software product which tracks health and fitness. Along with this software, it has also launched a fitness band. This band is designed to detect everyday activity, sleep time with various parameters in differentiating with deep sleep and normal sleep, amount of fat present in the body, and voice analysis which makes users know how they sound to others. The company has entered the fitness business with a lot of future vision. The success of the product completely depends on the accuracy and updates that match the expectation of the device. Amazon has been developing products in various leading portfolios like music, movie, shopping, and money transfer. It’s leaked that the company is working on creating a mobile chat system, which is not officially released yet.

The fitness band looks unique and comes screen less with the strap over the front. This is something totally different for the fitness enthusiast who has been experiencing a fitness band with the display screen that indicates them details like calories burnt, footsteps, and a lot more. The fitness band comes without any display for user interaction whereas it has few buttons along the sides. This fitness band checks the body temperature within the frequent intervals like what we experienced earlier in the Fitbit Sense.  The microphone provided with the device continuously checks the users’ voice tone to analyze an emotional tone. As disclosed earlier the application is the monthly subscription model where the user has to pay regularly to use the service, which might get optional updates later. This application is not something to pay one and use the lifetime model.

Halo Image
Halo Image

The basic membership of the software application will start at $65 for the first six months which includes complete access to all the features that are included. After the completion of the first six months with the device, the user needs to pay $3.99 every month to continue the service. The subscription includes a fitness band that comes display less which has the single button mostly for resetting. It’s quite obvious that the user needs to rely on the mobile application for every minute detail.  It’s clear that the application provides a lot more than what could have been available in the small watch display.  Amazon comes with a completely new perception for analyzing the body fat using the camera that’s available in the smartphone. Most of these fitness applications that are available in the market analyze the fat content of the body using various other parameters.

Those predictions are not always accurate, sometimes it comes up with high-fat content and the number of calories burnt during the fitness activities. It will be very transparent while analyzing using the everyday image. Image processing is used for evaluating the fat deposition, which provides exercise suggestions. it’s unsure how the device can rely on body fat percentage by avoiding the option to check the body weight. Transformation in the body might take longer than analyzing the bodyweight, which will instantly provide users with the track record. It’s a new technique that is included in the fitness band, which needs more accuracy than others while preparing a report for the user.  Amazon recommends the user to be in the minimal outfit while taking pictures through Halo for fitness predictions. This feature removes background images completely and predicts the body fat percentage and develop the 3d image so that the user can get the glimpses of their body posture. This feature looks interesting and user friendly.

Other than these, there are hell lot of options that are included in the device. Some of the highlighted features that are included in the device are tone analysis,  sleep time analysis along with the temperature tracking, and providing reports with charts comparing the previous data. It’s said that the device has a partnership program with many fitness labs. Amazon entering fitness will be a tough time for the current fitness companies that have developed a stable version of their product in the past. Those companies have to include many factories while starting the background work in designing the product.