Akudama Drive Episode 6 – What will happen in Episode 6?

Akudama Drive Episode 6

With the release of Akudama Drive Episode 5 and the spectacular developments that have come to pass in the recent episodes, it’s not a surprise that many await Akudama Drive Episode 6 impatiently. The show in itself has displayed signs of perfection but also been a little disappointing at moments. With the group now escaping the Shinkansen and heading back to Kansai after retrieving the children, it’s going to be interesting how the writers explain what exactly is happening. In this article, we’ll be looking at the Release Date of Akudama Drive Episode 6 and will also be discussing the possibilities for the upcoming episode.

Akudama Drive Episode 5 | Review

In the latest episode, The Akudama, after retrieving the children and successfully holding off against the Master and Pupil, are thinking about their next move. Brawler has already decided that he is heading back to Kansai to fight against the Master once more. As for the rest of them, they had assumed the job was done, only to realize that the job will be complete when they deliver the children to a certain place in Kansai. Hence the next move was decided, and they began exiting the Shinkansen.

Akudama Drive Episode 6

This is where Hacker, a member of the Akudama, wants to break up from the group and head to Kanto instead. Despite being aware of the risk, Hacker, who has been explained as a character more so than the rest, wants to do something that would make his boring life exciting. To Hacker, Kanto is that place, and he will not stop at anything to experience anything that could possibly give him excitement. Hence he leaves the group. He does give Swindler a parting gift, A flying Dog Head, but she promises to return it to him one day.

Akudama Drive Episode 6

Unlike the previous episode, which was filled to the brim with action and fight scenes, Akudama Drive Episode 5 was devoid of any. The episode was clearly meant for a little bit more character development and exposition, a cooldown episode if you will. I didn’t think the team would start breaking up this soon, but then again, the anime is supposed to be 12-13 episodes long, so I guess it’s normal. Back at Kanto, we see the Kanto superiors being displayed as giant masks, who warn the boss of the Executioner Master that she’s on thin ice after she fails to eliminate the Akudama. There are many questions, and only a few answered.

Akudama Drive Episode 6 | Release Date And Predictions

Akudama Drive Episode 6 will be airing on the 12 of November 2020, which is a Wednesday. For those of you who are interested in checking out the Anime Series, which by the way, I highly recommend, you can stream it on the Official Website of Funimation. From the Creators of the famed Danganronpa Series, we have heavy expectations for this anime.

In the upcoming episode, we will probably be seeing a bit more action than this week’s episode and will probably get a rematch between Brawler and Executioner Master. I absolutely love the characters involved, but they clearly need more depth because, so far, they are just One Dimensional character. This isn’t much of a concern as the story has been progressing pretty smoothly, and right now, the Akudama group is heading to the Expo Park in Kansai.