‘Adults Are Clueless About Falling in Love!’ Anime Adaptation To Air This Fall

Tamami Katsura's Romance Manga's Anime Adaptation Set To Air This Fall.

Adults Are Clueless About Falling in Love!

On Thursday last week, The Official Website Of ComicFesta Anime announced that Tamami Katsura’s manga series “Adults Are Clueless About Falling in Love!” is going to receive an Anime Adaptation which will premiere on Tokyo MX which won’t show any extreme scenes but the “Premium Version” of episodes containing explicit scenes will be streamed on the ComicFesta Anime website.

ComicFesta Anime features a multiple anime short, containing episodes that aren’t very lengthy. The Special about the new program will air on Tokyo MX on the 27th of September, while the anime is scheduled to air on the 4th of October of 2020.

About The Manga | Adults Are Clueless About Falling in Love!

Written and illustrated by Tamami Katsura,“Adults Are Clueless About Falling in Love!”, is a Japanese Manga series that was serialized digitally and the Chapters of this manga are being printed by Suiseisha. The manga so far has two compiled volumes released with the third one set to be released in October of 2020.

Adults Are Clueless About Falling in Love!

The plot follows the lives of two 30 year olds, Mio Sudo (An Office Lady) and Shuji Majima (An Overseas Insurance Consultant), who have lost touch with romance and are still single. Although their success in their professional life, it has been years since either has been in a romantic relationship. Upon trying to find a suitable partner, Mio tries going to a matchmaking party and comes across each other. The Story takes a surprise turn when Shuji in the party declares that he isn’t into women and wanted to leave before meeting anyone as he claims he was tricked into coming to the party by his co-workers. 

This unique way of coming across one another and having these unique first impressions. It is very interesting to see how the story progresses in this manga. 

The Anime Adaptation is set to premiere this fall, in October. The Animation will be handled by Ether Kitten (An Animation Studio), The Director of the Show is Hiroyuki Furukawa, The Scriptwriter for the show is Nora Mori, and The Character Designs will be done by To-Ru Zekuu.

Voice Actor | Anime Adaptation

Shuji Mashima is voiced by Kento Ito (on-air version) / Chasuke (premium version)

Mio Sudo is voiced by Kaede Yuasa (on-air version) / Honey Mitsu Yuzu (premium version)

Kotaro Tokura is voiced by Shinichiro Kamio (on-air version) / Ai Ai (premium version)

Kawamoto Ai is voiced by Fuhana Mashiro (On ​​Air version / Premium version)