A3! Season Autumn and Winter Set To Premiere In October

Smartphone Game Inspired Anime Series, A3!, To Air Its Second Half In October.

A3! Anime

The Official Website of the Anime series based on a smartphone game called A3!, by Liber Entertainment has announced that after the delay of A3! Season Autumn & Winter due to COVID-19. Initially set to air a couple of months after the first half of the anime adaptation titled A3! Season Spring & Summer, which aired from January to March of 2020, was delayed all the way to the October 12th of 2020. The game A3! is an Actor Training game for smartphones.

The Anime Adaptation of A3! Season Spring & Summer and A3! Season Autumn & Winter is being handled by P.A. WORKS and Studio 3Hz. The first half of the anime series was Directed by Keisuke Shinohara who replaced for the second half of the anime series with Masayuki Sakoi, other than that the remaining staff for the Adaptation is the same. The Script for the anime is written by Naoki Hayashi, and the Character Designs for the series is being taken care of by Mariko Komatsu. Funimation has obtained a license to stream the anime to the rest of the world and in Japan, the anime will be broadcasted on Tokyo MX and BS11, amongst other platforms.

Some Of The Cast Announced So Far Include:

Autumn Troupe:

Chiharu Sawashiro (Known for voicing the role of Sasanishiki from Love Kome: We Love Rice) will be voicing the character of Banri Settsu.

Shunsuke Takeuchi (Known for voicing the role of Kyōtani Kentarō from Haikyuu) will be voicing the character of Juza Hyodo.

Winter Troupe:

Atsushi Tamaru (Known for voicing the role of Hiromi Sugita from Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi) will be voicing the character of Tsumugi Tsukioka

Takuya Satō (Known for voicing the role of Toshiki Kai from Cardfight! Vanguard) will be voicing the character of Tasuku Takato

The game A3! has also inspired a series of Stage Plays called Mankai Stage A3! that has been ongoing since 2018-2019 and the cast of Mankai Stage A3! is also set to have their first solo Live Concert called Four Seasons Live 2020 which is scheduled to take place in September of 2020.

A3! Anime

A3! – What is it about?

A3! is a smartphone game for actor training, the players who play the game are the Directors who have saved the Mankai Company. The actors are segregated into 4 troupes named after the Seasons: Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. Each troupe has 5 members in it who have to work together come hell or high water. The only objective is to save the Mankai Company from paying off the debt owed by them within a time period of one year.