“A Trail Of Blood” A Psychological Masterpiece By Shuzo Oshima

Author Of The Popular Psychological Thriller Manga "Aku No Hana" or "The Flower Of Evil" Is Back Again WIth Another Masterpiece.

A Trail Of Blood

A Trail Of Blood ” or “Chi No Wadachi ” is perhaps one of the best works done by Shuzo Oshimi Sensei, who is famous for making a lot of manga in the Psychology and Thriller Genre, he didn’t disappoint with his recent work. If you like Manga of this genre, you’ll definitely enjoy “A Trail Of Blood”, everything about this manga has an ominous feel about it right from the get-go. Each chapter leaves the reader with nail-biting suspense and anticipation for the next chapter. The pacing of the manga along with the art style just leaves the reader with chills, the story is also very dark and morbid, so readers are advised to only read it if you’re comfortable with such content.

The story is from the perspective of a middle school boy, Seiichi Osabe, who is nothing but an ordinary middle schooler. Although a little reserved, he still has friends and even a crush, he gets by just fine at school. The only odd thing about him that one can bring up is how sheltered he is because of his overprotective mother, who is very strict about everything he does. Even though he sometimes doesn’t like this excessive overprotective behavior of his mother, he can’t say that he hated his mother for it because he understands it’s because she loves him enough to care to such extent.

Seiichi Osabe lived in a nuclear family with just his dad, his mother, and him. Every day begins in the exact same manner, his mother, Seiko Osabe, comes to wake him up and once he is up, she asks him what he’d like for breakfast. The options are always steamed red bean bun or steamed meat bun, and Seiichi’s answer is always Steamed Meat bun. This was a daily routine for the Osabe family, with almost no deviation from this scripted morning.

A Trail Of Blood
Seiko Osabe (Left) And Seiichi Osabe (Right)

This all changes when on a hiking trip with his relatives, Seiichi and his cousin separate from the family to explore on their own. Upon coming across a wide cliff, Seiichi’s cousin invites him to come to play closer to the edge with him, but being aware of his cousin’s mischievous behavior, Seiichi refuses because he is scared that his cousin will try to almost push him. Just then, Seiichi’s mom appears from behind Seiichi and asks why they left the group.

She asks him to come back from the edge as he might fall and that it’s dangerous. Seiichi’s cousin refuses while jumping around that everything is safe, right at that moment the boy loses his footing and begins to fall off the cliff. Seiichi’s mother rushes to help him and just barely manages to get there in time. Instead of thanking or relieved, the boy instead only manages to utter one word “Aunty?’ before being pushed by Seiichi’s mother. 

Seiichi, who watches everything as it unfolds, and is left horrified by the entire incident, unable to comprehend anything that just transpired. Left with so many questions and fears, he looks at his mother for some kind of understanding but when the mother turns around she has the most peaceful and relaxed smile before she suddenly starts crying for help and calling the relatives to inform them that their son had fallen off the cliff.

A Trail Of Blood
Shuzo Oshimi’s ‘A Trail Of Blood’

Enter the horrifying and complex world that Shuzo Oshimi has yet again created, capturing the insanity of the mother so perfectly while showing the internal turmoil faced by Seiichi who doesn’t know what he should do. Watch as both the mother and son slip into a deep and dark world of the mentally ill.

A Trail Of Blood | About The Manga 

The manga was written and illustrated by Shuzo Oshimi, also known for other psychological and thriller manga like “Aku No Hana” and “Happiness“. Chi No Wadachi or A Trail Of Blood was serialized in 2017 in the Shogakukan’s Big Comic Superior and currently has a total of 10 volumes that have been released. The Manga is still ongoing and has a total of 78 chapters as of August 14, 2020.

A Trail Of Blood
An Internal Turmoil Continues Inside The Heart Of A Child Who Needs To Choose Between His Mother And The Right Thing To Do.

A Trail Of Blood | Anime Update

As of August 2020, there are no updates regarding an anime adaptation, and I can only think of two reasons as to why it hasn’t gotten one. First, It is because the manga has only 78 chapters, making it hard to make complete anime out of it. Secondly, I think this anime is quite a dark one, even more so than “Aku No Hana ” which despite being of this genre received an anime adaptation. Hopefully, some Anime Studio does pick this manga up for an anime adaptation because although it does not belong to a popular and mainstream genre, I still think it would be a good watch.