A Quiet Place Part II – When And What Will Be Happening?

A Quiet Place Part II

After the Massive success “A Quiet Place” had, it was only right that we receive “A Quiet Place Part II.” Aside from the bone-chilling premise and the absolutely scary yet perfectly designed monsters, one can’t really ask for more. “A Quiet Place Part II” was initially set to release in theatres this year, but since the COVID-19 Pandemic, its release has been delayed. For all of you who want to know what’s up with the sequel and related information, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be looking at all the information about the sequel to John Krasinski’s masterpiece, A Quiet Place, we know so far.

A Quiet Place Part II | What Do We Know So Far

After attaining a huge fandom both in the domestic country and with a huge international fan following, we can at least hope that the film will be as good as the first one. Well, the good news is that the Abbott Family will be making a return, with Emily Blunt starring as Evelyn along with Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe making an appearance as Regan and Marcus, respectively. The Movie was initially slated to hit the theatres on the 4th of September 2020, but it has been moved to the 23rd of April 2021. The Movie will be again written and directed by John Krasinski himself, but this time, his character will be making appearances in flashbacks.

A Quiet Place Part II
The Abbott Family

Aside from the casting and date, one of the major questions the fans have is what will happen from here on out. Paramount has announced that the film’s production has finished, meaning it is only yet to hit the theatres. From the looks of it, based on the trailer and other sources, the sequel will be more focused on explaining the origin of the aliens and how it all started. Plus, the story’s ending will be a happy and positive one or is John Krasinski marinating us for a heartbreaking ending. With so many things left unaddressed, it wasn’t even a doubt in anyone’s head whether or not a sequel will be made. Did the end of the movie expose the method to defeat the aliens, or was it just luck?

A Quiet Place Part II | Where To Watch It?

Another cool thing is that Netflix will be featuring the movie on its streaming services, so you should definitely be able to watch it at your own pace. So far, two trailers for the movie have already come out, and although you can’t salvage much in terms of plot for the movie, you can still admire its quality.

Many people are walking in expecting to be blown away, just like how the First Movie felt like, but it would be better to lower your expectations a bit. With that now, until the 23rd of April, the waiting game begins.

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