A New Chapter: Host Ellen DeGeneres Returns Back To The Show With A Humble Apology.

Ellen deGeneres

Ellen is Back! And, this time we believe everything will be good. Earlier, Ellen DeGeneres was accused of mistreating employees at her talk show. According to some employees, the workplace was toxic and this led to a huge drama. Moreover, there were rumors that the popular talk show might not return back. However, it looks like Ellen is in and for everything better this time. The Ellen DeGeneres show premiered this Monday, and the host immediately acknowledged the former allegations.

Ellen DeGeneres

The celeb and host started her new chapter and said, that the show is embarking on a “new chapter”. So, go ahead and get your hands on the new and improved version of Ellen:

Ellen’s Take On Alligations 

As soon as the 18th season premiere, the host talked about the previous drama surrounding her and her show. She said, “As you may have heard, this summer there were allegations of a toxic work environment at our show, and then there was an investigation.” While speaking to her virtual audience she also said that she is aware of the things that happened there [workplace] that should never have happened. She later said that she is very sorry for the people who got affected.

Ellen DeGeneres

Furthermore, she addressed how they had a lot of conversations over the last few weeks about the show, the workplace, and their plans for the future. She said, they have made the necessary changes and now they will be starting a new chapter.

She also said that she knows her position and privillages and the responsibilities that come with them. And, she takes responsibility for whatever happens on her show.

“The truth is, I am that person you see on TV,” DeGeneres said, calling herself “a work in progress.”  DeGeneres said. She also said that all she wants is that all her employees to be happy and proud to be working here. In the end, she also talked about the difficult situation, everyone is currently living in.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Season 18

After the Buzzfeed article shaked up the complete show, season 18 of the Ellen DeGeneres show finally premiered.

DeGeneres was claimed of various wrondoings on the set. From racist comments to other abusive behavious, she was accused by many employees. All of this led to a WarnerMedia investigation, and also three producers left the show. Ellen later sent out an emotional apology letter to all of her staff.

The latest episode was filmed last Wednesday, as it is now delivered to the fans virtually. Check out her apology and speech on the new beginning down below: