A Film On Rubik’s Cube Is In Works; From Hyde Park & Endeavor Content

Rubik's Cube Film
Erno Rubik, the creator of Rubik's Cube.

The most common and popular game, Rubik’s cube, is getting its own screen time. Yes, you heard it right. The game we have spent hours on will again take our time. But, this time people won’t be doing any work; Because this time audience will enjoy. The most famous game, “Rubik’s cube,” is getting its own film. The news came not so long ago. And according to confirmed sources, Hyde Park and Endeavor Content are collaborating on the upcoming mega project. 

Rubik’s Cube or magic cube is a global-selling toy. Moreover, it does not need any introduction. From kids to adults to the older generation, everyone is aware of Rubik’s cube. So, it is okay to assume that the new project will be highly anticipated.

Rubik's Cube Film
Rubik’s Cube

Hyde Park is also partnering up with Glassman Media or The Wall. It is an Endeavor Content Company that will apparently release a game show based on the toy. So, a movie and a game show. Things are definitely going better for Rubik’s Cube. And also the fans of the game.

Ashok Amritraj from Hyde Park Entertainment will be producing the film. In contrast, Priya Amritraj and Addison Mehr will executively produce the film for Hyde Park. As for the gaming show, Amritraj will produce it with Andrew Glassman of Glassman Media.

Hyde Park’s current slate looks superfine. It includes the biopic of African American Wimbledon Champion Arthur Ashe. The biopic is written by Kevin Wilmott in partnership with Warner Music Group. And its music by A.R. Rahman.

Rubik’s Cube joining the slate will make a list more exciting. So, go ahead and get more updates on the upcoming movie.

Amritraj’s Special Bond With Rubik’s Cube

The producer of the upcoming movie explains his love for the game. Amritraj also talked about his love and bond with the game in a recent interview. He said he is thrilled to have partnered with Endeavor Company. Also, Amritraj is looking forward to creating a wonderful and complex Rubik universe. Yay.

Amritraj also revealed that he feels nostalgic and is remembered of his early days in India while looking at Rubik’s Cube.

Co-president of Endeavor Content Company, Graham Taylor, later joined Amritraj and gave his gratitude. He said that the Rubik’s Cube is an iconic and family-friendly brand. Therefore, he is delighted to produce the film, TV show, and other content for audiences globally. He also gave a brief explanation of the film and the upcoming game show.

No other details regarding the movie and the game show are announced at the moment. All the significant details are kept under wraps by the production companies. But, we will make sure to update you regarding all the new info on Rubik’s Cube.

Rubik’s Cube: History

Rubik’s Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle. It was invented in 1974 by Hungarian professor (Architecture) and sculptor Erno Rubik. It was initially known as the Magic Cube. Moreover, the puzzle was licensed by Rubik and was sold by Ideal Toy Corporation in 1980. It was sold through businessman Tibor Laczi and Seven Towns founder Tom Kremer.

Rubik's Cube Film
Rubik’s Cube

The player needs to unlock the Rubik Cube’s pattern by arranging the little squares accordingly. The toy requires the player to twist and turn the mixed-color blocks in order to make it look in a neat pattern. There are many people who are considered as “Speedcubers.” They can unlock the Rubik’s Cube within seconds.

Since 2018, amateur and the “Speedcubers” are coming together at the Rubik’s Cube World Championship and battling with each other. Undoubtedly, Rubik’s Cube is one of the most famous and renowned game. This makes the upcoming film and game show more excited than it already is. We are surely in for this.

Shows and movies based on games are in the spotlight these days. Netflix’s The Queen Gambit is a famous example. The mini-series is getting over from all across the world. It is based on the game of Chess. We hope Rubik’s Cube will also get its own spotlight spoon in the world of entertainment.

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