2021 Mercedes S-Class Interior Design Gets Inspiration From Yacht

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Engineering experts working for Mercedes-Benz has once again delivered a quality interior design. This brand new pattern of design used in Model s class is said to have its inspiration from the architectures and yacht design. Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always delivered a swashbuckling experience for its customers fulfilling their passion for luxury. Mercedes is known to provide a higher-end luxury interior look in every car model that they produce. It has paved a strong foundation for the future design concept that many companies in the automobile industry will make a strong note.

Mercedes holds a long history of creating automobile vehicles for more than three decades. The company has its headquarters StuttgarDue to its popularity and class it’s widely known as the gold of cars. Many international media companies revealed that the company has sold over more than 2 million passenger cars during the year of 2018. The company is known for producing luxury vehicles and commercial vehicles. Mercedes has a strong network in various regions of different parts of the countries reaching millions of customers in delivering their product and service.

Mercedes S Class
Mercedes S Class Still

Merced comes with a new concept in the upcoming version of the model s class. The company considers it as a “third space,” meaning a place of refuge between home and office. The core concept of the car has undergone several iterations before making it official. Mercedes are known for providing spacious interiors that make it stand apart from the other higher-end model cars that are available in the global market. To enhance their key feature which is more associated with the luxurious comfort they have designed with more spacious and comfortable.

The dashboard of the car makes it feel much similar to the yacht. The dashboard comes with the complete finish almost totally unbroken wood plane well designed by the panel of experts. The position of the dashboard makes it look spacious to the outer light and provides extra space for the legroom. The engineering aspect involved in designing the interior of the car makes it stand tall than the previous versions. Especially the LED lightings make it unique and go well with the interior design of the car. Lightning will automatically change based the climate control choices and also holds the ability to support the blind-spot monitoring system.

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Mercedes S Class

The brightness of the car has been enhanced to provide a day like feeling even in the dark. It has been designed even to look and feel in the extreme daylight. LCD light has the power to uplift the color theme using low power. In one of the recent press releases, Hartmut Sinkwitz, Mercedes’ head of interior design revealed that “Our S-Class customers are highly discerning. With the new S-Class, we invite them into a completely new luxury experience,”. He has also added that “It is underscored by our ‘Sensual Purity’ design philosophy and our absolute commitment to quality and attention to detail. The result is a revolutionary interior experience caught between digital and analog luxury.”

Some of the standard and basic features that Mercedes provides in their cars remain the same in this model. Some of the primary features that are available in the car are the Air Balance package, in-cabin fragrance. Mercedes also has a self-developed automatic height-based seat adjustment program to provide extra comfort for the driver is built into MBUX. This software gets input from the users about their height and automatically calculated their seat adjustment level.